Bunker Hill... is a mobile home park area, just west of Castle Hills.

​Our Mission: 

To minister to the kids in need who attend school with our kids. 
To provide service opportunities for our own children to build relationships with these children. 
To support our school contacts with encouragement and prayer.
To be a resource for crisis needs for these families. 

We love sharing the love of Jesus with the families at Bunker Hill. Our kids participate in roles and take ownership in the relationships that will begin at Killian when these groups merge together. This opportunity to serve instills in our own children the responsibility to love and share their faith. When we host events at Bunker Hill our children help lead the festivities, allowing them to experience what it means to serve others. We are able to minister to the mom's by validating them and giving dignity to all those we meet.

Servicing Needs:

​From 2006 - 2014, over 200 meals, cards and gift cards were given to families in need through the Caring Ministry volunteers.
​2013 -  Meals, household needs, home repairs and urgent needs were met for the families at Bunker Hill.
2014 - Castle Hills provided over 30 wrap packs and school supplies for the kids of Bunker Hill.

For more information or ways you can serve in this ministry, 
Contact Leigh Johnson at leighnjeff@yahoo.com